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Service Which We Provide


Elite Training

Take advantage of top-notch one-on-one personal training with our dynamic roster of elite trainers.



Join TrainTBFit with a membership that caters to your specific needs and fitness goals. 



TrainTBFit offers a wide array of classes for individuals and families at all levels of their fitness journey. 


Personal Training

Personal Training Packages

3, 6 or 9 Months Agreement

Includes Nutritional Plans and Weekly Progress Check!

1 x Week $60

2 x Week $50

3 x Week $40

Small Group Packages

1 x week $45

2 x week $35

3 x week $25

Prices are per session!!

Gym Membership

Single = $25/month

Joint = $40/month

Family = $75 up to 4 people

Student = $60/3 months

Seniors = $20/month 60 Plus

*$15 per Add On

PAID IN FULL - 12 months

10% Discount

PAID IN FULL - 24 months

15% Discount

Registration Fee $25

First & Last Month Dues

Classes Offered

1-on-1 Personal Training

Small Group Training

F.I.T. Classes

Competition Prep

Health & Wellness Coaching

Nutritional Plans

After School Programs

Life Style Clients

Guaranteed Results!!!

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